Why Do I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

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What Is Elder Law?

“Elder Law”…you may have heard this phrase before, but do you know what the term means?  Have you ever considered exactly what an elder law attorney does?

This post will help you learn about elder law, and why an attorney who specializes in elder care can be so helpful. When planning for your future, it is always best to work with a specialist in the field.

Estate planning attorneys often practice elder care law because the two categories are aligned on a common goal – securing and protecting the client’s wishes and physical assets at the end of life.  Having a specialization in a career field is very common.  Imagine if you were having medical concerns related to your heart health.  You would most likely seek care from a cardiologist, not an orthopedic doctor.  The same is true for legal matters.  Always seek assistance from an attorney who specializes in the field for the best guidance and protection for your future.  Every situation is unique. And elder care law presents especially challenging circumstances.

Long-Term Care

Older people and their families may find a time that they need counsel on the legal aspects of long-term care.  This need could include planning, publicly-available benefits, decision making regarding power of attorney, physical and mental capacities, preserving estates, and tax consequences.  Elder Law attorneys are skilled in all of the aforementioned areas, and can effectively provide counsel to individuals and their families on many tough decisions.


Elder Law attorneys stay current on the most important issues related to government programs like Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, and Social Security. They are also experts in pensions and many other evolving benefits.  In addition to understanding all the nuances of elder care law, attorneys in this field can help you find benefits that you may have overlooked.  These could include programs that can allow in-home care versus nursing home care.  This allows the aging individual to stay in their preferred environment.  Asset protection is also a very important aspect of elder care planning.  Depending on your state of residence, elder care attorneys will be most familiar with protecting your assets so that you are not disqualified from Medicaid.  Elder care attorneys can help you avoid government penalties when applying for assistance.

The planning process for yourself or the care of an elderly family member can be a draining experience, both physically and emotionally.  As you can see, an attorney who practices elder law understands the needs and concerns of older individuals and their families.  Having a comprehensive plan that provides for physical and mental well-being while securing the financial future is most important.  An attorney who practices elder law will guide you down the right path in crafting a comprehensive plan.  Avoid the trials and tribulations of elder care planning by utilizing the services of an elder care attorney.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about creating your own plan, let’s set up a time to talk!

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