Estate Planning can often be a daunting, confusing, and intimidating process. Treating each case individually, Attorney Beauvais presents the necessary information to her clients in such a way as to help them relax, while fully understanding the entire estate planning process. Meeting with her clients for a consultation, she reviews and simplifies the terms of all documents, ranging from a Last Will and Testament and Power of Attorney, to a Health Care Proxy and various types of Trusts. As a result, her clients leave feeling reassured, well informed, and surprised at how easy the process can actually be.

Attorney Beauvais assists clients of all ages to plan for both their future needs and those of their family and loved ones, developing plans that both minimize taxes and preserve their assets. Whether an indivdual is looking to transfer their assets for future generations or preserve their own assets, she helps her clients meet a variety of goals.

Attorney Beauvais also specializes in helping families who have a loved one with Special Needs. Her background in Mental Health Litigation and Special Education allows her to identify and assist families of a Special Needs individual in creating estate plans that will take care of them, including such asset protection as Special Needs Trusts.

For those of us who love our pets, we consider them part of our family. If provisions are not made for these animals however, they will be treated as personal property and pass through a person’s estate in that manner. To ensure that your pets are well cared for and in the hands of a responsible individual, an estate plan with a trust for the benefit of these animals is necessary. With a significant amount of experience in preparing Pet Trusts, Attorney Beauvais can assist with all necessary arrangements.

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