Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health issues of a family member can be very trying even when services are received from the Department of Mental Health or Department of Developmental Services.  Due to the nature of mental illness, often the patient may believe that they are of sound mind.  This is a difficult and challenging situation for any family to encounter.  With her kind and compassionate approach, Attorney Beauvais can assist you in determining the best course of action to achieve the best care.    

Determining the competency, capacity, and decision making ability of your family member can be a difficult process.  Attorney Beauvais’ experience in mental health law will aid in identifying a need for guardian or conservatorship as well as long term plans to ensure care.

Attorney Beauvais can assist you in understanding the patient’s fundamental legal rights within a medical facility.  According to the Massachusetts Mental Health Parity Law, insurance providers who offer mental health benefits to cover the diagnosis and treatment of certain mental disorders are required to reciprocate to the same extent of the diagnosis and treatment of physical disorders.  Attorney Beauvais will work to assure that your family member receives the medical treatment that they deserve.

The legal matters of mental health can be emotionally difficult for families. This is especially true when your loved one, who is struggling with mental health, has the legal right to refuse treatment.  Attorney Beauvais thoroughly explains to each client what to anticipate with the process, and confidently represents her clients in complex court proceedings.  She will offer support and legal counsel when you are pursuing necessary medical care for your mentally ill family member.

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