probate of estates

When a significant person in your life passes away, the probate of the estate can be overwhelming.  Probate court is a legal process that may be required when someone passes away.  This process gives authority to a person designated in a Last Will and Testament.  When there is no Will the process will default to the closest surviving relative or spouse for gathering the deceased’s assets, pay debts on behalf of the deceased, and distribute inheritance wishes of the deceased.  The amount of responsibility can be intimidating when you are designated as the deceased’s personal representative.  With much care and kindness, Attorney Beauvais can guide you through the process.

If probate is necessary, Massachusetts has a simplified probate if certain requirements are met.  The estate may be approved for an abbreviated for of probate if the deceased did not own any real estate and the remaining estate is valued at less than $25,000.  If a full probate is necessary, a designee can file for a formal or informal probate.  Attorney Beauvais will review each estate individually and determine which is best and necessary for her client.

Attorney Beauvais will work compassionately with you through the probate of your significant other’s estate. During such an incredibly trying time, she will handle the probate process with the most care and dignity.

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